it’s about to go down

just like that. i am doing this blog thing.

the past 6 months have been a whirlwind of life changing experiences and it’s about time i started documenting it all.  without using capital letters. they just slow me down.

so here goes.  my story of the past 6 months. the quick version. the long version will be shared. just in bits and pieces. at another time.  in another blog post.

june 2014

i was tired, depressed, and not in the best shape. i was drinking too much. sleeping too much. and not being the rock star human being i knew i was created to be.

july 2014

i was waiting for a new workout program from beachbody to come out called piyo.  i ordered it. i joined a facebook challenge group that was lead by a high school friend who was a beachbody coach.  the group was motivating, i was enjoying the workouts and the idea of helping others ‘get it done’.

next thing i know i’m signing up to be a coach.  and drinking beachbody’s meal replacment shake called shakeology every morning.  within two weeks i was feeling the powerful effects of really good nutrition.  shakeology was giving my body what it needed–nutrients, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, super foods, on and on.  prescription medicines were discontinued.  energy skyrocketed.  good sleep happened.

august 2014


things were starting to get busy around here.  school was starting–jack was off to kindergarten on the big yellow bus and emma and i were starting our second year of homeschool.  i was fully committed to my career as a health and fitness coach with beachbody.  i was changing my body and my life with exercise and new food choices. i was determined to be a fitness coach while still being a wife, mother, homemaker, goat farmer, housekeeper, on and on.  now is when life would start to get tricky.

september 2014

balance. that was what i needed.  we all want more time but since there is no way to create more time, i knew i had to figure out how to balance my new career with everything else.  i struggled.  a lot. i had so many people i wanted to help and the fire within me was lit.  i had to figure out something. but i also wanted to push myself.  i got certified to teach piyo live.  one more thing to balance.

october 2014

i started waking at 5 a.m.  trying a new schedule of work, exercise and beginning the day.  own the morning, own the day was my mantra.  i was reading self development books about how to be an entrepreneur and books on different diets. i was leading challenge groups. i was cutting sugar out of our diets and limiting processed foods.  i started a new exercise program called p90.  i was coaching. i was changing lives, including my own.

november 2014

balance.  that was still what i needed.  it was getting better. but then we decided to pull jack from public school and home school him as well. i was not counting on this to happen.  adjustments were made. new home routines and schedules developed. and the holiday season kicked off with thanksgiving. i had much to be thankful for.  a new career. new friends.  new challenges.  a god who always provides what we need in his time.

december 2014

here we are in december.  i am still a coach. still loving it.  still up at 5 a.m. every day with a set morning routine.  exercise and shakeology are still part of my day, everyday.  i am still homeschooling both kids.  i am still feeding my family good, whole food.  i am still trying to find my balance.  sometimes i just shrug at the imbalance and push forward.  i created a newsletter.  and sent it to an email list.  and now, this.  blogging.  it is just part of my journey in helping others, living life and finding balance. i hope you are ready to hear more. learn more. be more.  you can, you know. and i will tell you how. let’s do this thing.


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