changes are a coming.

be forewarned.  this is a modified version of my post on my Bloomington Beachbody Facebook page from yesterday.  i added some stuff that is worthy of reading.  there is use of capital letters today.  don’t be alarmed.

Transformations.  I talk about them a lot. Mainly because I think they are powerful.  Transformations happen when change takes place.  I have been transforming over the past year into a homeschooling mom, health & fitness coach and an early riser.  Some of the changes have been out of necessity and others because I chose to change.

I chose to become a coach. I chose to start new workout programs and clean eating plan.  I chose to challenge myself in new ways physically, mentally and spiritually.

It became necessary for me to home school my kids due to circumstances and the early rising, well, that was a necessity as well.  In order for me to get everything done in a day, I could no longer use the excuse “I don’t have time!”.  I have time enough for all the things I want and need to do, I just had to take that time.  So I did.

Hello, 5 a.m.  You are my sunshine, even when the skies are gray and the covers are warm.

You can imagine that the changes I made for myself also affected my family.  I don’t drag everyone out of bed at 5 a.m. to join me in meditation, work, exercise, prayer and the initial guzzling of water.  But they do eat the food I cook and have to put their bodies in motion everyday.  Eat good food. Move blood and breath.  Everyday.  Because I said so.

I will admit that it can be especially hard to make healthy life style changes with wee ones.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to go over but I knew this: I am in control of what my family eats.  I buy the food that comes in our home.  I am in charge of our kids during the day. 

If you are thinking  that your kids/spouse/loved ones are too picky and you couldn’t make any changes.  You are right.

If you are thinking that you can’t get up to workout in the morning. You are right.

If you are thinking that you don’t have time for exercise and cooking. You are right.

Yep.  If you think you can’t, then you can’t.  And yes, if you think you can, you can.  The first step in any transformation is to know you can do it.  To tell yourself you can do it.  To believe you can do it.  Then you must start.  Small changes over time yield big results.

I am not super human. I am just like you. (okay, I do own a Superman cape but no superpowers come with it.)  I am proof that once you decide something, you can do it.  I am proof that you can change your habits and health (and your family’s), and that the end results are pretty darn fun.

There was complaining at first about mom working at home and ignoring her kids for 2 hours every day, sometimes more.  I remember when my mom spent her days canning, sewing, working around the house and I spent the day playing on my own or with my siblings.  Go figure.  My kids now spend their days playing chess and creating art or playing Legos.

There was complaining over the end of the daily dessert after lunch and dinner.  They no longer ask everyday if they can have dessert (that took a couple of weeks).  We truly enjoy our Monday and Friday desserts.  A treat is truly a treat.

There was some eye-rolling over daily “move and groove” time which might be involve playing Just Dance on the Wii or Hip Hop Abs or a walk in our woods.  Now I get asked if they can do P90X3 Dynamix on their own. Um, yeah.

There was some grumbling over not going to McDonald’s anymore.  Last week, my oldest was out with her friend and they went to Taco Bell for dinner.  My daughter got just a water because she wanted the dinner I was making that night that involved spinach.  No lie.  (I admit I was floored.)

There was some foot stomping about not buying sugary cereals anymore.  This is still hard for them.  They don’t stomp anymore because I told them to stop.  Then let them choose a lower sugar cereal rather than just nixing them all together.  We love Life cereal.  It’s not perfect but it works for us.

Transformation is making a change. Change is hard.  Especially when it involves food and our habits. And family members.  Let me encourage you.

Your family deserves to eat the way you do. And if you are like me, I want to give my kids the best.  I thought that caving to an occasional (weekly?) McDonald’s and daily piece of candy was me being fun and loving. I was the best! Now I know that what is fun and loving is letting them have that candy occasionally and teaching them how to take care of the amazing body God has given them.  THAT is love.  That is the best I can give my family. Not a Happy Meal.

Don’t let your family or kids be your excuse for not making a transformation in your house.  Let them be part of the reason.  It’s a good thing for all of us.

Need help figuring out where to start or what to start with?  That’s my job.  Ask me.  Help is here.  Anytime.


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