6 months of change.

Sharing this makes my armpits sweaty.
Sharing revealing pictures can do that to a girl.

I am proud of my transformation over the past 6 months,
not just physically but mentally.
That doesn’t make it easier to share it.
But  I love transformation pictures.
They show what a scale never will–how our bodies truly change.

2014 transformation

Here’s what you see in these pictures:
I am leaner. I lost 8 lbs. I lost numerous inches in various places.
I am stronger. I gained muscle in my back especially.
I feel great. I might be able to beat someone up if I had to.
I am no longer self conscious about my body. I have always been self conscious of my waist and upper body.
They are waif-ish and I don’t like waif.
I can see how my waist and upper body are now more in proportion with the rest of me!
So there it is. My 6 month transformation in pictures.

How can I help you get your transformation started in the new year?
Would you like to try what I did?
PiYo and P90 workouts from Beachbody.
Shakeology every morning. Focus on whole, good food.
Developing an early morning routine to start my day off right.

Or maybe you have another idea of what might work or you need a different idea.
Holler at me. That’s my thing.  Another transformation in my life this year.
I put what I do in my daily life to work as a career. Helping others reach their health and fitness goals.

I did it and now I can help you do it. Let’s do this.


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