chocolate cake for breakfast.

It’s Christmas day. You know what we had for breakfast today?  chocolate cake. We decided to celebrate Jesus’s birthday this year and just eat cake for breakfast. So we did.  It was glorious.

My usual breakfast (as in 364 days a year) is Shakeology.  It’s a meal replacement that is jam packed with good stuff and weighs in at just 140 calories.  And it keeps me full till lunch.  And it has done some pretty amazing things for my health–mental and physical, but that’s another blog post for another day.  Today I want to do a little comparing of meal replacement shakes.

Here we go.

Let’s compare Shakeology and __________(fill in this blank with any protein/weight loss/whatever shake you can find). We will not be comparing carbs and protein b/c those are pretty standard.

Here is what makes Shakeology different:

  1. No soy. Soy is cheap to make and companies like cheap because it means more profit for them.  It is not good for your body.  Study after study after study shows it.  It’s especially bad for your thyroid.
  2. No artificial flavors. These are used to make shakes taste like a Frosty from Wendy’s.  Unfortunately, they wreak havoc on your metabolism and digestion.  And they are chemicals.  Ick. I might use chemicals to clean something but I do not. want. them. in. my. body.
  3. No artificial sweeteners. Hundreds and hundreds of studies that show that these darn chemicals increase your insulin production, increase your carb cravings and inhibit fat loss.  Um, that sounds like all the things I don’t want.
  4. It has Superfoods. They wear capes. They fly thru the sky. They are amaze-a-balls.  Really, they are.  There are 70 of them.  Google Shakeology superfoods and you’ll see all of them.
    • They increase your immunity (knock on wood. the flu has not gotten us down.).
    • They decrease inflammation–every illness/health issue stems from an inflammation in the body.  Even migraines.  So folks on Shakeology will have decreased migraines.  Sweetness.  Decrease inflammation in the body and the body begins to heal itself. Double sweetness.
  5. It has digestive enzymes and probiotics. Think good gut health….the gut leads to the you-know-what.  It takes care of those kinds of issues.   IBS?  Cures it. Constipation? Fixes it. The digestive enzymes and probiotics allow your body to absorb the good stuff you are getting in Shakeology.

Are you thinking about trying a meal replacement?  Which one and why?



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