mondays require motivation. part 3.

i mean really. really?  the monday before the new year and i come at you with this.  a blog post about nutrition and food. (insert shrug) i guess you could use it as part of your new year’s resolutions.  eat more good food.

that’s right.  i covered move more and then followed that with eat less. and now i’m telling you to eat more.  don’t give up on my yet. let me explain.

sometimes folks get overwhelmed by the idea of eliminating their favorite foods.  so let’s talk about adding foods that you should be eating.  two things will happen–

  • number 1. you will eat said good foods thus leaving less room in your belly for bad food.
  • number 2.  you will enjoy said good foods so much because they taste good and make you feel good so you will want to eat more of them.

I know that these two things will happen because it happened to me.  and my husband. and yes, even my kids.

so let’s start with what to add.

first thing first, if you don’t eat breakfast, that is really okay. really.  i am not a huge morning eater ( i adore breakfast foods so we have breakfast for dinner about once a week), but i look at breakfast as an opportunity to provide my body with what it needs to be a rock star.  nutrition affects everything in your body.  trust me.  if you want your brain to work well, you want to feel good, you want energy, then you need to make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs. every. day.  I recommend a meal replacement shake or a smoothie for breakfast. they are quick, easy and packed with nutrition. a great way to start the day.

next up, add more veggies.  and no, I don’t mean french fries.  anything green is great. unless it’s mold.  mold is generally not great.  we eat a lot of fresh spinach, salad mixes and broccoli at our house.  low in calories, packed with nutrition and we enjoy eating them.  get the vegetables you like and will eat. not the ones that will rot in your refrigerator.  maybe you like brussel sprouts? or cauliflower? or carrots?  great.  buy them. prep them. eat them when you get hungry.

try new ways of preparing vegetables.  maybe you hate raw cauliflower…try it roasted.  maybe you hate brussel sprouts…try them shredded as a slaw or roasted.  maybe you hate steamed broccoli…try it roasted. do you see a theme here? i love roasted veggies but raw veggies are really the simplest, best way to eat them.  i put out raw veggies as i am getting dinner ready.  anyone who needs a snack (including the cook) can snack on them and not ruin their dinner.

[side note: we buy most of our fruits and veggies at Sam’s or Aldi.  Aldi is much more afforable than any other grocery that I shop and it comes with 100% money back guarantee. if the produce is not good, take it back. they give you a replacement and your money back. Sam’s just has good produce in large quantities.]

now some random items to add to your daily diet. i love random stuff. so here goes: lemon, cinnamon, cayenne and coconut oil.

  • lemon. i put it in my water every day.  because it makes the water taste good. i put a lot. i don’t just add a slice, but i add a hunk that has been squeezed really good.  it’s like lemonade with no sugar and it’s way better than plain water.  i start my day with hot water with lemon. it might sound gross or pointless but it helps wake up my body and hydrates me after a night of no water intake.  a few tablespoons of lemon juice just before or during a meal may also help lower your blood sugar response from that meal which is good for all of us, not just diabetics.  and it can curb your appetite. so drink that glass of lemon water before dinner and eat less.
  • cinnamon. it helps balance blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity. it is naturally sweet.  it helps with cholesterol.  it tastes good.  sprinkle it on your sweet potato, your apple slices, your yogurt.
  • cayenne pepper. can help you burn more calories and curb hunger. um, yes please.  one of my favorite ways to add cayenne to my diet is by adding it to my daily chocolate Shakeology. a little kick to get my day started off right.
  • coconut oil.  it’s a fat that can actually help you lose fat.  it can reduce your appetite, increase your energy and increase your fat burning. yep. sign me up.  i also use it as my daily moisturizer for my face.  it’s a well rounded pantry item.  if you are a food geek like me, you can look into why coconut oil (and butter and lard) should be replacing vegetable oils in your pantry here

make some room in your diet for new stuff. new stuff that is good for you. and watch it take the place of the bad stuff.


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