new year’s goal: move more, eat less.

it’s almost time. time to make some goals for the new year. i’m hoping you’ll add a goal of making a change in your life that includes moving more and eating less.  unless you are eating 1 cup of rice day on the show Survivor, you could probably use a bit less eating and a bit more moving.

let’s get started.  if you know me, you know i like to get started. like, yesterday.

moving more. (also known as exercise)

  • figure out what keeps you from doing those things now.  time. work. kids.
  • make a list of the things you like to do.  run, go to the gym, workout videos…i have a few recommendations for that last one. just sayin’.
  • make a list of what you’d need in order to do that exercise.  clothes. music. dvds. dvd player. new shoes.
  • make a list of times that you can get it done. morning will always, always be my recommended time.  get up. get it done. move on with your day.
  • send that list to me.  let me help you make a plan. it’s my thing. and my help is free. so why not?

eat less.  (not called dieting. dieting just sucks. don’t do it.)

  • try limiting your hours of eating to 10 hours a day.  i talked about this here.
  • add more vegetables to your diet so that you eat less crap.
  • drink more water so your belly is full and you eat less.
  • don’t buy the crap that you love that is bad for you.  if it’s not in your house, you won’t eat it.
  • try drinking a meal replacement shake for breakfast that helps curb cravings and fills you up, like my personal favorite: Shakeology.

that’s a start.  and since it’s almost a fresh, new year why not give it a try.  i will help you.  you can do it.  holler at me and let’s do this. contact me here.


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