how i roll.

I am always intrigued by routines.  How folks do stuff.
What do they eat? When do they exercise? How much do they exercise?
I guess those are natural questions for someone like me who helps others get healthy.
I figured someone might want to know just how I do the things I think are necessary in my day.  See how I roll.
I get up at 5 a.m. Monday-Friday.
I brush my teeth, smile in the mirror and put on my workout clothes.
I take 10 deep breathes and pray simple prayers.
I drink hot water with lemon and write down in a journal three things that I’m grateful for.
I workout for 30-40 minutes but allow myself an hour in case I get delayed.
I eat breakfast at 9 a.m. and stop eating for the day at 7 p.m. (read about this here)
I do these things every day because they help me feel my best.
That is the grand point! Do what makes you feel good.  
Eat good food, exercise and feel good.  
If the goal is to feel good, then you must do what makes that happen in your life.  
For me it’s these things:
I don’t eat much in the way of processed foods–anything made by a machine and put in a bag or box.
I don’t drink caffeine.  It makes me feel anxious and crazy.
I don’t eat much sugar. It makes me crave more and those cravings=eating more=weight gain and feelings of guilt.
I eat in a 10 hour window during the day.
I drink Shakeology every day because it tastes good, it’s easy and it’s packed with the nutrition I need.
I eat loads of veggies.  A salad everyday for lunch. Dinner  and snacks include vegetables.
I love nuts and eat them for snack almost every day.
When I start to get the munchies and am not really hungry, I go find an activity to do.  Go for a walk, work on a project, haul firewood, check on the goats.
I eat until I am content.  Not full. Not stuffed. Just content.
I drink a lot of water very day. With lemon because it tastes better that way.
I enjoy all things in moderation because I feel my best when I do.
How do you roll? 
Now that we are in a new year (!), what changes are you thinking of making to your daily life?

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