that time of year.

It’s that time of year.
The blues set in for many of us.
And not just the blues, but full on depression.
Many struggle with depression year round.
I am one of those people.
Post-partum depression about took me down for the count.
Moving 4 years ago was really hard.
Life stresses me out and shuts me down.
I have a hard time dealing with little things that are no big deal for others.
First, I stress then I get down then it becomes a funk that is hard to get out of.
Can you relate?
Do you know someone who can relate?
Do you live with someone who suffers from depression?
Do you know someone?
Even if you can’t relate or understand, keep reading.  You might find something that could help change a life.
I have found some things that have helped me.
I am happier and better.  Stress still rolls through but depression isn’t part of the cycle anymore.
This is my list.  My “thank God this helps” list.
1.  Eating real food.  Eliminating processed crap with chemicals in it.
2.  Drinking Shakeology daily was HUGE for me–those superfoods just make me feel good. I credit Shakeology with helping me get off of both my anti-depressants.
3.  Finding a purpose. That sounds BIG, but really, it’s just finding what makes you happy and doing it.  Every day.  If you hate your job, it will affect your mental health.  Do what you need to do to be happy.
4.  Exercise.  This causes the happy feeling our body produces through endorphins.  Plus we feel good because we are probably in need of some weight loss.
5.  Meditation.  I have just started doing this deliberately.  I use the Head Space app.  It is pretty darn cool.
If you are struggling, talk to your doctor. Talk to a friend. Talk to me.
Depression is terrible. Just terrible.
Find someone who understands and can help you.
Make your transformation happen.
Life is just too sweet to struggle through it.

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