not afraid to die.

this might sound like it’s a faith focused post.  it’s not.
even though my faith does play a roll.
i think heaven is going to be pretty spectacular but I’m not ready to go there yet.
i visited a fast food restaurant last Sunday on our way home from Florida.
as i sat down with my food which were pretty darn good choices for a fast food restaurant full of french fries,
i looked around at other folks and their food choices.
i guess it was a typical scenario. sigh.
overweight folks eating crappy food and lots of it.
crappy food.  lots of it.
i began to wonder what those people probably thought of me.
here i sat with my junior cheeseburger, side salad and 1/2 a baked potato.
wearing my TeamBeachbody COACH shirt.
what struck me is that someone might be thinking “what’s the point?”.
why eat healthy?
why exercise?
why drink water?
why avoid sugars and sugar substitutes?
why think about good gut health?
why try?
is it so i can live longer?  yes, but no.
i want to live long, but more than that i want to live well.
i don’t want to be sick.
i don’t want to hurt when i move.
i don’t want to move slowly.
i don’t want my brain to stop working.
i don’t want to forget my loved ones.
i am not afraid to die so living long isn’t #1 for me.
i am afraid of being older and miserable. older and in pain.
so if you are wondering why, why, why?
let me encourage you.
take care of yourself.
your future self will thank you.
there is no guarantee we’ll live a long life.
but you can most certainly live a good life.

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