Don’t go nuts.

I have been in nutrition information overload lately.
Podcasts. Books. Blogs. Emails.
Eat this.
Don’t eat that.
Gut health.
Omega fatty acids.
Eat clean.
Low carb.
Some carb.
High fat.
Hormone balance.
Oh. my. gosh.
My brain is about fried.
I went to college and got a degree in dietetics 14 years ago.
Things have changed.
I knew that would happen.
I didn’t realize I’d go nuts trying to figure it all.  again.
So I have made a decision.
I will make it simple.
  • eat real food.  enjoy it.
  • eat when hungry.
  • drink when thirsty.
  • move your body every day.
  • get good sleep.
That is all.
My job is to help you make it simple in your life.
My job is to support and motivate you to do those simple things that can be rather challenging.
My job is to help you get. it. done.
So that you can enjoy life and not go nuts.

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