pump. you. up.

weight training.
it’s not just for big dudes.
it’s not just for strong gals.
it’s not about glistening muscles.
well, unless you want it to be.
but most of us just want to be a certain weight or size.
we want to look good in our clothes.
we want to be able to pick up things without hurting.
we want to walk without getting out of breath.
we want to lose weight.
we want to get fit.
well, guess what?
i have the perfect solution and it’s not what you are expecting.
it’s a cardio workout. but not running.  not jumping.  not biking.
it’s weight lifting. yup.
here’s what you need to know:
  • you will not get bulky and big unless you want to (ladies, most of us don’t have enough testosterone to make that happen)
  • you will lose weight
  • you will lose weight much quicker than a traditional cardio workout
  • you will keep the weight off

here’s what you might want to know:

  • you will create muscle that burns calories
  • you will get a good cardio workout by lifting
  • you can just add some weight training to your current workout (that’s what i do!)
  • you can find weight lifting workouts online. for free. go on, google it.
  • you can get an at-home DVD workout that guides you.

If you want to get started, let’s talk.  There is no need to spend an hour on an elliptical machine.
Pick up some weights.  And start dropping your extra weight.



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