no colds. no flu. thankyouverymuch.

This past Sunday our preacher started her sermon by giving the disclaimer that if she rambled on it was because of a terrible head cold she had.  She then said “you have most likely had the exact same terrible head cold this year.”

I wrinkled my brow, tapped my chin and thought.  Um, nope. I haven’t.
I haven’t had a terrible head cold.
I haven’t had the flu.
I haven’t even had a cough. or regular cold.

Neither have my kids.  Are we the ONLY people who haven’t had the flu?
I am tempted to knock on wood, but instead I’m going to keep doing what I think has kept us from being sick.
1. We wash our hands a lot.
2.  We drink Shakeology.
3. We eat real food.

Shakeology is not just a nutrition shake. or meal replacement. or the easiest stinkin’ breakfast ever.
It is powerful nutrition in one big bag.
Powerful nutrition keeps you healthy. period. dot. simple.

“What does Shakeology have that keeps us healthy?”
Short answer: antioxidants and superfoods the support the immune system.
We didn’t go to the doctor.
We didn’t stop at the pharmacy on the way home.
We didn’t spend days feeling like crap.
We drank Shakeology.
We washed our hands.
We ate real food.
That was easy.

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