about to strike a nerve.

this post will strike a nerve with some of you.
maybe you were an overweight child.
maybe you have an overweight child.
maybe you worry about whether or not your kids are active enough.
maybe you know you don’t feed your kids good food and it bothers you.

so for the nerve striking that may happen–know that is not my intent.
my intent is to motivate you to do something.
just a little something.

kids are funny little creatures.
-they have tons of energy.
-they love to play video games and watch tv that require no energy.
-they are great at listening to their body and know how to stop eating when they are full.
-they love sweet stuff that is crap.

adults are funny big creatures who are in charge of the kids.
-we allow kids to spend too much time in front of screens.
-we want kids to go be quiet somewhere else where they are safe…like another room in the house with a screen in front of them.
-we make kids “clean their plates” before they get dessert when that plate is loaded with crap.
-we offer them desserts daily because we love sweets and they love sweets and we want them happy.

what we are doing is slowing our kids down.  messing up their health.  taking away their future health.
we must stop teaching them that what they put in their body doesn’t matter and start teaching them how to eat and take care of themselves.
it’s much easier to start when you are little, than change when you are older and feel like crap and HAVE to make a change.

so what do i suggest?
this list is how we roll with our kids. it’s not always perfect. it’s not always fun or easy. but it is so flippin’ important.
  • limit screen time. we allow one hour per day.  there are board games, books and Legos to be played with.  encourage that.  sure, they may not “like it” but why would they when the alternative option is television or video games?
  • let them go outside.  unless you live in an unsafe area, let them go outside.  remember what you did as a kid.  i was outside all the time. summer, winter. didn’t matter. you know what kids do outside? they move.
  • make sure your kids are active.  gym class might count, but it might not. depends on the class.  encourage them to workout with you. my husband and 6-year-old do P90X3 together every night.  INSERT IMAGE  sure, the little guy can’t do all the moves, but he’s trying. for 30 minutes. with his dad.
  • don’t make them clean their plates. please. if they say they are full, then they can be done and remind them that there is no bedtime snack.  they won’t die of hunger.  i promise.  and they will learn to eat their dinner at dinner time.
  • stop with the treats, sweet and desserts.  they don’t need them.  sugar is going to kill our kids.  i really believe that.  look for it, limit it.  we have dessert twice a week after a meal.  if all vegetables on the plate aren’t eaten, they can’t have dessert.
  • stop buying crap.  chips and cookies are crap.  most things kept in a pantry in boxes or bags are crap. don’t feed kids crap. i know it’s easy, but don’t do it.  fruit is easy too.  wash or peel and serve.
  • make fresh fruit and vegetables available for their little hands.  wash veggies and keep them in the fridge where they can reach them.  keep fruit on a counter in the kitchen. when they ask for a snack, start there.

    this is serious stuff.  big stuff. important stuff.
    each your kids how to eat good food NOW so that they don’t struggle when they are older.
    think about what you are feeling right now, do you want your kids to feel that?

let that be your guide to what you do next.
and remember, little actions make a big difference.  pick one thing from the list above and start there.
you can do it.
yes, you can.

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