secret weapon.

this is not about a secret weapon you can use to lose weight.
this is about a secret weapon that you might be using against yourself.
a secret weapon that is keeping you from losing weight.
*cue dramatic music*

i’m talking about liquid calories.
soda. pop. coke. beer. wine. mixed drinks. kool-aid. chocolate milk.
i will make this short and sweet:  stop drinking your calories.

if you are struggling with weight loss, the first thing you need to do is look at what you are drinking.
is what you are drinking full of calories and sugar?
stop drinking it.
cut back.
pay attention to those liquid calories that are keeping you from losing weight.

i hate to mention it but sugar is bad for you.  
like “ohmygosh!” bad for you.  
stop drinking it. stop eating it, too.

how to start?
  • cut back–drinking 6 a day? drop to 3.  then 1. then none. take your time. make it happen.
  • try other drinks.
    • carbonated waters.
    • flavored waters.  ICE was a favorite for us when we were transitioning.
    • iced tea.
    • look for zero or low calorie options.
  • make your own flavored water with this infuser ball (I love this big one by Jokari).
  • help with the cravings for soda by drinking Shakeology. it worked for me. and a few thousand others.
find a zero calorie, no sugar added drink and drink it. 
stay hydrated.  lose the liquid calories.  lose the weight.

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