always the skeptic.

I don’t think I’m alone in this.
I am skeptical of anything that sounds awesome and easy.

Too good to be true? Me: Probably
Too simple to make a difference?  Me: Probably.
Too easy to work? Me: Probably.

Many times, I’m right.
Several times, I have been wrong.
Brace yourselves.
Today I am going to share a time when I was wrong.
And I might still be kicking myself about it.

I have always enjoyed using the workout from Beachbody.
Insanity, T25, PiYo…you name it, I have probably done it.
That was easy for me.
I have seen the before/after pictures.
I have seen the infomercials.
I have done the workouts.
They work and they involve work–no magic pill there.
You buy it, you do it, you get in shape.

I heard about Shakeology.
I thought the name was dumb. (strike 1)
I had already decided long ago that shakes were dumb. (strike 2)
I had no idea what was in it. (strike 3)
I kept hearing about Shakeology.
I got curious and read up on it.  (Google rocks, I don’t care what anyone says.)
It seemed to be more than just a protein shake.
I decided I might try it.

Friends that I trust were drinking it daily.
They were raving about it.
Here’s what I heard:
-gives energy
-helps with weight loss
-sleeping better
-cravings gone
Well, that had my attention.

I was still skeptical.
How in the world does a shake do all that?
I needed to know what was in it.
So I went back to Google.
It had some really good stuff in it.
Really good stuff.
Superfoods, whole foods, probiotics, vitamins and minerals.
(this video helped explain it: Shakeology Ingredients)

You get the idea. I was skeptical. I educated myself.  I decided to try it.
I bought my first bag last July.
I drink it daily for my breakfast.
I haven’t missed but 5 days in over 6 months.
Glad you asked.

1.  I feel great.  Eat real food=feel really good.
2.  I am off of my anti-depressants thanks to the nutrients and superfoods.
3.  I have lost weight and maintained that weight for over 4 months.
4.  My energy rocks.  Up at 5 a.m. and go full on until 9:30 p.m.  Then I sleep like a baby.
5.  Cravings are just about gone.  Not just for sweets/bread but cigarettes.
6.  I haven’t been sick.  Not once. Not even a cold.
7.  I am getting the nutrition I always knew I needed but never got.

Now ask yourself….
do you feel great?
do you need to lose weight?
do you want more energy?
are you tired of cravings?
have you been sick lately?
do you really get the nutrition you need?

If you answered no to any of that, we need to talk.
Seriously. Chat, discuss, review, chat some more.
I don’t want you to order it.
I want you to talk to me about it.
Go on.
I’m waiting for your email, text or Facebook message.

2 thoughts on “always the skeptic.

    • I am smiling at you. You just can’t see me! I always recommend that pregnant women take the nutritional information to their doctor. That said, I know several gals who used it prior to conception, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding all with their doctor’s approval. I will email you the letter/ingredient list for you to take to your doctor!


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