a new tool for a better me.

My sweet little pea is getting her 4th grade Bible tomorrow.
(which I guess means she’s not so little anymore.)
We have been meeting before church service this past month–just 3 Sundays–to learn more about the Bible and how to use it.

My Bible knowledge is not strong.
I used to feel very ashamed about that.
Then I realized that it’s okay.
That there are lots of folks out there like me.
Lots of folks who can’t tell you if you Job is in the New or Old Testament.  (It’s Old. I think…)

What I have come to realize is that it is important to me.
It is important for me to know God’s word better.
It is important for my daily life–how I interact with people, how I raise my kids, how I deal with struggles of home schooling, working, marriage, parenting and LIFE.
It is important that I realize I don’t know the Bible very well and then I do something about it.
Not because of my shame in not knowing it, but because I have realized that knowing God’s word better will make me a better person.
A better mother, wife, friend, coach…

God’s word is no longer that “thing I’ll get to when I get a chance”.
God’s word is a tool.
A tool to make me a better person.

I understand that it’s written by many people over many years and they are stories told, not specifically God’s word written by Him.
That doesn’t make the lessons in it less valuable.
It’s good stuff to ponder, discuss and put into practice.

Does “turn the other cheek” mean you let someone beat the snot out of you and be okay with it?
I learned in college that it actually has to do with the fact that in that time and culture, one used their left hand to wipe their, ahem, youknowwhats. AND it was to only be used for that.  NOTHING ELSE.
To turn the other cheek to someone who had just smacked you with their right hand was like saying “come on. use that hand you aren’t supposed to to smack my other cheek. i double dog dare you.”
A challenge of sorts.  Standing up for yourself without saying a word or laying a hand on someone.
I dig that.
Now, do I know if that’s true? Nope.
But I like it.  It helps me.

God’s word gives me examples of how to be a good person in a not-always-good world.
This Bible class that was made for my daughter has taught me so much about myself.
I want to learn more.
I want to put it into practice more.
I want to be more.
I want to love more, give more, help more.
I am ready.
And now I know I can do this.
God’s word is my guide.

And after tomorrow I’ll have a really cool Bible to use.
It’s made for kids but it is perfect for me as I start this journey into God’s word.
Like a child…I open my heart and mind to learning more.

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