think good thoughts and jump on in.

I have friends.
You know how friends go.
Some are close, some are far, some are acquaintances, some are family, some are very dear.
Today I want to share a story from a friend who fits those last two: family and very dear.

He’s a grown man in the prime of his life.
Nearly 72-years-old.
Most 72 year olds like to hold down a recliner and play bridge.

This one?

He plays bridge alright but moss doesn’t grow on, under or around this man.
He is active in his community, church, family and so much more.
He rarely watches TV and loves riding his bike.

Most importantly, he takes care of himself.

So if you have an excuse for not taking care of yourself,
you need to read this.
You need to read this even if you do take care of yourself, so that you can see what the prime of your life is going to be like!

 This is proof that good nutrition and exercise isn’t about just extending your life, it’s about making your life the best it can be.

If I am going to live a long time, I want to feel really good.
Just like my dear friend, Don.


(This isn’t Don, but it could be.) <grin>

Here is Don’s story:

“In a little over two weeks I will be turning 72 years old. I am somewhat amused — not so much because another birthday is here, but that aging at this time is not a big deal. Maybe –just maybe– I am in better physical shape at this juncture than I was last year. My doctor will  be giving me more definitive appraisal on that in a couple of weeks, but I certainly feel good–feel healthy and thriving.

Part of that I attribute to good genes, but like any good fortune, one may squander it or  invest it.  Investing in good health is the single most important investment a person can make.  Many overlook that simple truth until it is sometimes too late.

I almost did. I smoked, became overweight ( easy to do after 40 when the metab detabs) and was actually diagnosed as type 2 diabetic. Through the encouragement of family and a good doctor and my dear friend, I began making the needed investment.

It is simple–eat healthier and exercise.
That enables all the other good parts of daily living to be fined tuned and enjoyable.

Here is how I invest:
First, I track it.  I enjoy keeping an eye on what I am consuming.  I use   It points out what I need and where I need to improve. (I am not really good at drinking all the water suggested… and am making an effort to remedy that).

The past six months or so, I began drinking a protein shake in the morning. It was a good shake, one that is sold at Trader Joe’s. I made it with a Kroger’s CarbMaster milk.  I also eat sardines about three days a week for lunch and then just watch portions at supper.

It was doing pretty well in the maintenance area, but I needed to lose some winter accumulated poundage and that was not happening.  So about  3 weeks ago I tried Shakeology.

Frankly, I was skeptical.  Nutritionally it seemed it was very similar to the shake I was taking and was a couple of dollars higher per serving. Well, you can read about all the good stuff in it, but the bottom line is it works better–the pounds are coming off and I feel really good.  Really good.

The second investment is in the exercise.  I love to ride a bicycle. Winter isn’t so good for that, so I have been going to a fitness center and riding 10 miles twice a week. That in combination with about 40 minutes of swimming activity twice a week is the goal I seek to achieve. The low joint impact of the swimming is wonderful. I don’t just swim, I do International…a Russian cassock dance and Irish jig. I run and do ballet. I am terrific at Swan Lake leaps…lots of fun.

I still hate getting in the water,  but practice my dear friend’s good advice of ‘think warm thoughts and jump on in’.

That is good advice for just about anything a body can do… think good thoughts and jump on in… it works.”

Thank you, Don, for sharing your story.
And for reminding us that even when we are skeptical, all we really have to do is think good thoughts and give it a shot.


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