very bad, no good, terrible days.


I am easily influenced.

I will hear someone say something about how cursing is bad and even if you do it in your personal life, well, you should not show that side to others in public.
And I think “YES! So true! I need to clean up my act!”
(My blog last Saturday had one curse word in it.  A couple dozen times.)

I will hear someone say something about how I should do this or do that and since it makes sense to me, then I instantly think I gotta try it.
It drives me nuts.  (And probably my husband too.)
I just want to make sure I’m living the best possible life and I know that means that sometimes I might need to do some changing.
And in order to change, one must consider new ideas! challenging concepts! suggestions!

This happened after the sermon last Sunday.

Our pastor did a fine job of pointing out how we are all so plugged in nowadays.
To our phones, our TVs, our social media, our virtual friends.
And we leave little time or room for real life interactions.

That got me wondering.
Do I ignore my kids?  Heck yes I do!  And sometimes I ignore them because I am on Facebook.
GASP.  They will survive.
Or they will find better times to try to talk to me than the times I have my phone in my hand, which honestly is not all the time.

Do I spend more time on Facebook than I do having dinner or phone conversations with friends?
Yup.  Because it’s how I connect with others who I might be able to help.
It’s my “platform” for my business.
It’s also how I stay connected with friends I never see and would NEVER talk to if it wasn’t for social media.

This past week, as I was still pondering the sermon (and feeling guilty, of course) I had a terrible, no good, very bad day.
It was Tuesday.
My oldest ripped a contact (the second in 1 week),
stepped on her glasses (that would now need ANOTHER trip to the optical office to get fixed),
and was just making me crazy.

So, I did what every good mother does.
I lost it.
Lost it=blew my top, said things I should never say and yelled as loud as I could at my 10-year-old daughter who was having her own very bad, no good day.

As I wallowed in my guilt for yelling and being so very angry, I decided to share on Facebook.
Normally I’m posting upbeat, hopefully inspiring things but I just laid it out there.
I was having a craptastic day.
Can you guess what happened?

Unbelievable love and support.
From so many people.
Some I have never met in real life.
Their words challenged me, encouraged me and comforted me.

I am thankful for that no good day and for the friends who set me right again.

Had I not had Facebook to share that, then I would have just continued to beat myself up and felt for sure that I should just give up on homeschooling and might as well check my SuperMom cape at the door while I’m at it.

Lesson learned?
Consider new ideas but stay true to what you believe.
Do I think, in general, we spend too much time on our devices and not enough time enjoying real life?
Sure. Probably.

But I also know that there is good to be found in everything.

  • Do your thing.
  • Listen to new ideas.
  • Consider it.
  • Either adjust your life or don’t.

Don’t be easily swayed but always remember to do what is best for you and yours.

If that means making a change, then make a change.
If that means carrying on the way you have always done things, then carry on.
And if you are struggling, post it on Facebook.
Someone will have an answer.

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