brain dump.


Today I am brain dumping here.
It’s a doozy.
I’m going to talk about counting calories.
And eating real food.
And taking care of this amazing gift you have been given.
Bare with me, I might ramble and get fired up but I’ll get to the point.

Counting calories.
I think it sucks.

Plain and simple.
I don’t do it because it stresses me out.
Know what else?

It makes no sense to count calories.
Research has shown us over and over again (in very recent years) that the concept of calories in vs. calories out is not accurate.
Not accurate.
So what does research show us?

Calories are important.
We need them.
They are a way to measure energy.
The amount of calories doesn’t matter.
Does.  Not.  Matter.

What matters is the kinds of calories we eat.
The quality of food we put in our body.
This is where we start talking about crap food vs. real food.

So let’s use the good ole’ car/gas tank analogy.
–>Your vehicle needs fuel to run.  Kerosene is a fuel.  Kerosene doesn’t make a car run very well, if at all.
–>Your body needs fuel to run.  Crap food is fuel.  Crap food doesn’t make your body run very well or for very long.

You most likely care about your car and whether it’s running fine, right?
Which is why you put gasoline rather than kerosene in your car.
Same goes for your body.
And you should care more about your body, than your car.
Just sayin’.

So, back to crap food vs. real food.

Real food is anything that grows or comes directly from something that grows.
Vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts, fats, grains, and, for some folks, dairy.
These foods have carbs, protein and fat.  All things we need.

–>Doritos are not real food. There are no Doritos trees.
–>Chicken nuggets are not real food.  No chicken nuggets walking around on the farm.
–>Veggie chips are not real food.  No veggie chips seeds at the local Rural King.

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I recently put myself through a six month experiment to test this “quality matters more than quantity theory”:
–I have eaten more fat in the form of coconut and MCT oil.
–I have stopped counting calories and just eat when I am hungry and just until I’m full.
–I have started eating in an 8-10 hour window each day.
–I eat real food and stopped buying crap food.
–I workout for just 30 minutes a day most days of the week.
–I eat “superfoods” and take fish oil every day.

My results?
–I am at my lowest weight.
–I am at my leanest.
–I am at my strongest.
–I am at my healthiest.
–I feel better mentally and physically than I ever had.
–I no longer obsess about my next snack/meal and those stupid cravings are gone.

So here’s the key:
I eat a lot of real food everyday.
I move my body everyday.
That’s it.

Don’t believe me? Well, that’s dumb.

I just put myself through an experiment and I proved it to myself.
And I was the biggest skeptic of all.
Everything I learned as a dietetics student and practicing dietitian was just blown out of the water.
Counting calories was not the key to weight loss and feeling great.
Eating the right foods is.

When you fill yourself everyday with real foods, your cravings for crap foods will disappear.

As will the extra weight, the headaches, the insomnia, the depression, the general not feeling well.
Will you still have a few potato chips at a party? Maybe. And that’s fine.
But they should no longer be part of your everyday eating.

So what about the eat a lot part?
Think about this…

I would like for you to show me a fat person who ate too much real food.
That’s never happened.
Again, it’s not about eating fewer calories (quantity), it’s about eating better food (quality).
Get rid of the crap in your diet.
Eat real food.
You will lose weight and feel freakin’ awesome.
I guarantee it.

So what exactly do I eat every day?

This is how I roll (a guesstimate–some days I am hungrier and eat more real food.)
6 a.m. organic decaf coffee with a spoonful of coconut oil (I shake it up but blending is good too.)
10 a.m.  Shakeology with frozen berries
12 noon  Mixed greens salad with toasted pecans, feta, apple and simple homemade vinaigrette
2 p.m.  1 spoonful of MCT oil
4 p.m.  Apple and peanut butter or a homemade Larabar; 1 spoonful of fish oil
6-7 p.m.  Dinner:  local meat (organic if I can), vegetables, vegetables and more vegetables.  Maybe a fruit to go with.

So the basis of my diet is vegetables–ones that are loaded with nutrients (that’s not corn and canned peas).
I also get quite a bit of fat every day.
And I eat meat. And carbs mostly in the form of vegetables and fruits.

Learn what the best veggies are and the best way to prepare them and eat them.
Stop bitching about how you don’t like vegetables or your kids are picky eaters.
Those are dumb excuses for setting yourself up for feeling mediocre all your life.

My husband hates cauliflower, but he eats it roasted (and I think he likes it) and sometimes thinks he’s eating rice when it’s really shreddled (that’s my word, but you can use it) cauliflower.
So again, learn what the best veggies are and the best way to prepare them and eat them.

If you eat plenty of real foods, not only will you get the nutrients you need but you will fill up and not have room for crap.
Please, please, please eat.
Eat fat, eat vegetables and fruits that have carbs, eat steak and chicken that contain protein.
Eat real food that is real fuel for your body.

Your body is this freakin’ amazing gift from God.
So start eating like you want to live.
Eat like you don’t want to get cancer.
Eat like you don’t want to have Alzheimer’s.
The BEST way to prevent disease in your life is to pay attention to what you are putting into your body.

I am getting all jacked up and pounding the keyboard so I’ll quit.
Another day I’ll talk more about how what you eat can truly heal your body and that a diseased future is preventable.

Eat real food.
Eat plenty of it.
Drink water.
Get sleep.
Kick ass.

If you think it’s not that easy, please talk to me.
Don’t just scoff and walk off.
Ask me a question.
Challenge me.
I may not know the answer, but I would be happy to find research to help support the answer.

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One thought on “brain dump.

  1. Ah – this topic is a tough one for me! I Totally believe in eating the right foods, whole foods…

    On the other hand I did lost 19lbs via calorie counting.

    I am finding that clean-er eating is helping me stay in my preferred weight zone…

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