talk it out.

This past year has been crazy for me.
I finally found that thing that I was born to do.
(Woohooo!! Purpose realized at 37 years of age!).
Which means trying to work from home while doing all the other stuff like home school, raise critters, keep a house, make meals, teach fitness classes…on and on.
As much as I love all that stuff, too much stuff stresses me out.

I got way stressed out several times this past year.
I would talk to myself.  I would talk to my team.
I would read books about how to do better at doing everything.
I would vent to my BFF.  I would pray and pray.
I would cry and get frustrated.
I would change my schedule.

My husband of 12 years?

He stood by.
Giving me room.

Then recently we had a talk about a problem I was having with my business.
His solution was so sensible and well, necessary.
I immediately felt better.
And realized that well, duh, I should have talked to him about it sooner.

He knows me better than anyone else.
He knows what it’s like to live with me everyday.
He knows how my brain works and want I am passionate about.
He knows what stresses me out and what gets me fired up.

No wonder he knew how to help me solve this problem.
Reading books, talking to my team, crying to my BFF–those are all good things, but what I need to do first is talk to the person who knows me best.
I believe that God puts people in our lives for a purpose and spouse or partner is one of those people.
God knows the plan for my life.
He knew all along that I would start a business and love it and get stressed out and need help.
My husband wants to help me and man, it’s a lot easier to let him than to struggle alone.

So if you are struggling with something…find your spouse (or partner or person who knows you best) and tell them about it.
Even if you think they *might* roll their eyes at you.
20 bucks says they won’t.
Don’t be too quick to assume that the people around you aren’t supporting you.
And they will most likely have a different viewpoint that can help you.

In a world where our phones and computers rule our communication (which is not a bad thing in my opinion), it is good to take time to get back to real conversations.
With the people who know you best.

So go on, talk to someone about what’s bothering you.
We all have something that is heavy on our heart.
Share it with that person that God has given you.
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