backup plan.

I got a degree in dietetics and become a registered dietitian in 2001.
I worked at WIC and had my own personal chef business for a while.
Then I had a baby and was incredibly fortunate to be able to stay home.
I know what a huge blessing that was and how important it was for me and my daughter.
To not work and stay at home with her.
But it wasn’t easy.

I struggled with some gnarly post-partum depression.
I felt trapped with a baby that wouldn’t take a bottle.  Ever.
I struggled with the fact that she wasn’t consolable after 5 p.m. and had no idea what the problem was.
I was a total control freak who insisted on doing everything but give her her bath.
I could go on, but you get the picture.

It was rough for me and not because I quit working.
I wanted to quit working.
I wanted to stay home and have kids and be a momma.
I wanted to take care of our home and make good food.
I wanted to be that blissfully happy mom I imagined I would be.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t.
Plain and simple.
I wasn’t that mom.

Fast forward to now.
I still stay home with our kids.
Two of them now.
I still take care of our home and farm and make good food.
I also teach fitness classes, homeschool both kids and started working part time from home.

Those last three things?
Not necessary.
I don’t need to work outside the home to support our family.
But…I wanted to.
I needed to.

I home school because I needed to do this for my kids.
Plain and simple.
It’s the best solution to our problems with educating our kids.
But I never imagined I would home school. Ever.

I imagined I would put my kids on the bus, wave good bye and have time to do my own thing for 8 hours every day.
I wanted to get back into nutrition and helping folks.
I wanted to get back into cooking and teaching.
I wanted to have a u-pick berry farm and orchard.

And when I decided to homeschool two years ago, I was totally bummed.
I was certain my big dreams were done.
That I would be stuck tending my kids, and now their school work, all day.
With no time for me.

Then I was asked to become a fitness coach because someone noticed my love of exercise and nutrition.
Something I could do from home– as part or full-time as I wanted.
Well, why not?
I can do it from home.
I can help others.
I can make some money.
I can be with my kids.
Sounded good to me.

So I did.
I did it for me.
100% totally for me.
Maybe and that’s okay by me.

I needed to do this.
I needed to have a purpose again.
I needed to feel like I was contributing to the world.
I needed to help folks get healthy because that?
That is my passion.

And maybe more than all that?
I needed to have a backup plan.
I hadn’t worked for over 13 years.
I kept up on nutrition research, latest trends, etc. but I wasn’t a prime candidate for anyone hiring a dietitian.
I didn’t have a PhD. I didn’t have my Masters degree.
I was just a mom with a bachelor’s degree.

What if something happened to my husband and we lost his income?
How would I provide for my family?
I knew I needed a backup plan. For me.  For us.

And if nothing else, it was an opportunity to earn some spending money for trips or to pay off our mortgage.
I wanted to contribute to my family financially after years of doing the other stuff.
So I did it.

I became a coach and help folks online with fitness and nutrition.
I got certified to teach PiYo classes.
These two things have changed my world.
They have given me purpose again.
Yes, I know being a mom and wife is purposeful, but I wanted more.
I wanted to do what I thought God put me on this Earth to do to help folks outside of my home.

I am proud to say that I have found my purpose and my path.
How about you?
Has your life gone differently than you thought?
Have you given up on a passion because you don’t think you can?
Are you living your purpose?

I am here to tell you this: don’t be afraid to want more and go after it.
That “more” may be your back up plan and quite possibly your purpose.
Go after it.


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