the answer to that burning question.

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People often ask me how I get everything done.
I usually shrug my shoulders and say, “I just get it done.”
I think that’s how it is for most folks.
And I admit, that I don’t always get it done “right”.
I think that, too, is how it is for most folks.

But I admit.
My priorities are not the norm.
I think that’s what folks are questioning–how I prioritize.
So I’m going to talk about that today.
And to set the stage, here’s a rundown of a typical week.

I workout most days for 30 minutes.
I homeschool my 2 kiddos.
I coach folks who are getting healthy with my at home/online business.
I teach live PiYo classes.
I prepare meals for our family.
I take care of our home and farm–that means all inside and outside chores like washing dishes to mowing the grass.
I run errands and grocery shop.
I take kids to practices and games.
I attend church.
I spend time with my girlfriends.
I check in on our elderly neighbor.

This is my life.
Some of those things don’t always get done.
Sometimes we eat out.
Sometimes we run out of milk because I haven’t been to town.
Sometimes I forget to check on Ms. Becky.

And then there are things that don’t get skipped.
My “no matter whats” on that list.
The one I get asked about the most is the first one on the list.
Exercise.  Workouts.  Making time for it.

It’s a priority.
Because without it? I go nuts.
It’s the one thing that makes me feel great, even when I don’t want to do it.

Yep. You heard it here.
I don’t always want to do it.
But really, it gets done at least 5 times a week.
Because I know I will be happier if I do it.

So that said–how do I juggle all those other things and make time for exercise?
Well, I could tell you that I hire a sitter so I can go for a run.
Or that I go the YMCA and use their daycare service for my kids.
Or that I wait till my husband gets home so I can head to the gym.
Or that I do squats while I watch TV. (TV? I am supposed to watch that?)
Or that I count mowing the grass or teaching PiYO as my workout.
But that’d all be a lie (especially the running part….).

The plain and simple answer is this.
I get up early.
I get up before everyone else and I get. it. done.
I get it done for me.

My workout is the FIRST thing I do after I brush my teeth (while reading my devotional) and get dressed.
If I don’t do it first thing then it’s looming over all the other activities of the day and will most likely get put off until it doesn’t happen.

And I always do it at home.
I have two kids at home with me. all. the. time.
Going somewhere to workout ain’t gonna happen.
I need something that I know is effective and can be done from home so I have used Beachbody programs for the past 5 years.
And always ones that I enjoy. (that’s key, folks!)

Mowing the grass doesn’t count because while it’s exercise, it’s not a workout.
Teaching PiYo doesn’t count because that’s my fun.  It’s my class’s workout.
A workout for me is something that pushes me.
That feel-good-dopamine-producing-workout that makes me happy.

The happiness kicks in when I am done.
Done with a fantastic 30 minute P90X3 or Insanity Max:30 workout where I have been pushed.
Where I did push ups and pull ups and tuck jumps (all things I don’t like).
I did them.
A certain sense of accomplishment and no doubt, NO DOUBT, that I worked out.

Can you imagine how awesome that is to feel that way FIRST THING in the day?
First thing!
By 5:45 a.m. I am feeling like a freakin’ rockstar.

I got up out of my bed.
I got my devotional read.
I brushed my teeth.
I worked out.
In my book, I am a rockstar before 6 a.m.
That is powerful stuff.
A sense of accomplishment that early in the day sets me on fire for the rest of my day.
Or at least until 7 p.m. which is good enough in my book.

Now I know, I know.
There are morning people and night owls.
I get it.
(here comes the tough love)
Get over it.

So you like to stay up late?
Good for you.
My kids would like to eat Cheetos all day and stay up all night.
Good for them.
It’s not going to happen because it makes no sense for their goal in life.
The goal to be awesome.

And it’s not good for them.
It’s not good for you either.
(That’s not just my opinion, there is research to back this.)
Or to not workout.
And if you want to get more done in your day then you need to go to bed and get up earlier.

But you just can’t fall asleep?
Get some melatonin, darken that room, read a book, create a night time routine that sets you up for sleeping by 10 p.m.
Set the alarm for 5 a.m. or whenever works for you.
And get. it. done.

Pull on your big girl or boy pants and do it.
If you want it.
Do it.
How’s that for tough love?

But really.
That is my answer to the question of “how do you get everything done?”.
I start my day early.
I own the day.
And the next one.
And the next one after that.

You can, too.
For reals.
Try it for a week.
See how you feel.

Just don’t be surprised when after that week, you buy a shirt that says “I am a rockstar.”

own the morning

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