the anniversary of me.

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It’s been almost one year.
One year since I said yes.

Not to a marriage.
Not to a new home.
Not to having another child.

I said yes to me.
I was clueless as to what was about to happen when I said yes.
At the time, all I really said yes to was a new workout.  Seriously. (Stay with me here, it gets better.)
And all I knew  for sure was that I was unhappy.

Unhappy as a mom.
Unhappy as a wife.
Unhappy with my body.
Unhappy with life.
(That was not supposed to be a sad rhyming poem but it sure is, isn’t it?)

I had no clue that saying yes to this workout was going to change my happiness.
I was hoping it would change my unhappiness with my body but the rest of it?
Um, no way.  A workout is a workout.
It’s not going to change everything I’m unhappy about.
Or so I thought…

So I ordered this new workout called PiYo, which happend to be the opposite of everything I had ever done for exercise.
I took my “before” pictures and joined a PiYo challenge group on Facebook.
What happens next is kinda, sorta, totally crazy.

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A total transformation–mind, body and spirit.
–>that weight I thought I’d always have? gone.
–>that flat belly I figured would never be found? got it.
–>that depression I battled for years? managed without medicine. (thanks to Shakeology)
–>that realization that I do have something to contribute to this world? incredible.
–>the learning about how we should really eat?  mind blowing. and freeing.
–>that strong body I was sure would never exist? got it.
–>the purpose I never had? figured that out.
–>the career that helped me combine my love of fitness and nutrition? all mine.
–>the financial contribution to my family? yep.
–>the confidence to teach a weekly fitness class? whoa. so fun.

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So these pictures?
Taken last weekend as a celebration.
A celebration of me and this life that I have gained in the past year.
A celebration of potential and realizing that I can do great things with hard work and the support of others.
A celebration of life and all it can be when we find that passion that is ours to have.

These pictures are proof that saying yes to a simple thing can lead you down a path that God has intended for you.
A path you never would have imagined or expected.
So this is my anniversary of me.

I want to encourage you to be on the lookout for opportunities to say yes to you.
Eat well.  Move your body.  Read books that teach you things.
Work hard.  Laugh and smile.  Help others.
You have no idea what could happen when you do.

And if you need help with knowing what to eat or what workout to do to reach your goals?
That’s my thing.  My purpose.
So it’s be kinda cool if you asked me to help you.
Check out my contact page or click here to sign up for free.


Pictures by Nicole Speer at Nicole Speer Photography

Make Up by Abby Prather at Abby Prather

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