5 things.

5 things.
5 things I don’t like about working out.
5 ways I overcome the dislike and still get it done. every. day.

1.  Getting up early to get it done.
I don’t like getting up early.
I want to lay in bed like everyone else.
I want to wait for the sun to come up.
What I hate  more than getting up is how I feel when I don’t work out.
I hate missing my workout and knowing I will feel better if I do it…. but when?
When do I squeeze it into a busy day?

So every morning, I remind myself of how much I enjoy working out at 5 a.m.
Of how much Iike having it done by 6 a.m. so I can make my husband’s coffee for him.
Of how productive I am after that workout.
Of how energized I am and ready to tackle my day.

2.  Not knowing what to do.
For many years, I just struggled with exercise.
What are the best exercises?
What will help me lose weight?
What will help me build muscle but not bulk up?

The answer came in an infomercial while I was on vacation.
Shaun T showed up on the TV screen while I was pouting about how I looked in my bikini.
I went home and ordered his Insanity program.
5 years later I am still doing at home workout programs.
Because they come with a calendar that tells me what to do each day, including rest.
Because they get results every time when I put in the effort.

3.  Not always enjoying it.
For the longest time, a workout was just a workout.
A way to lose weight and stay healthy.
I didn’t enjoy any of it.
Except the cool down at the end.

And then came PiYo.
Not only did I love this workout but I looked forward to it.
So much so that I spent an entire day doing it so that I could be certified to teach it.
And then came my real joy.
Teaching my favorite workout to others.
Sharing how exercise can be hard but enjoyable.
From start to finish.

Another thing that helps are challenge groups.
They are Facebook groups that help participants stay on track and motivated to complete their workout for the day.
Usually with a specific program.
I just finished 60 days of Insanity Max:30 with a small Facebook group and it was the best thing. ever.
Full of motivation and accountability and support? ohmyword support.

Key to enjoying exercise more?
Find something you enjoy doing.  Find a group to do it with for support.

4.  Exercise didn’t always get me the results I wanted despite my efforts.
I lost weight with exercise.
I looked fine in my clothes.
That was it.

I was not strong and lean like I wanted to be.
I did not have the energy and happiness that I wanted to have.
I wanted exercise to fix all my problems, but instead it frustrated me.
I was putting in efforts that were getting results but not the results I wanted.

I finally found my “soulmate” workout and learned more about how to eat.
I began to honor the gift that God has given me–a body that is capable of great things.
A body that can be strong and feel great if I just did what I needed to do–move in a way that made me happy and eat real food.
And sometimes, I do new programs to challenge me.
And guess what?
I grow and get stronger each time.

5.  Exercise takes time from my day.
Life is full and busy. I am okay with that.
What I am not okay with is exchanging reading time or playing time for a workout.
I have work to do and homeschool and chores and errands.

Working out was just “another thing to do” until I realized that it’s my time.
For me.
It was my time and my time only.
I didn’t have to share it with anyone.
And if you don’t have time for just you, then you will lose yourself.
You must connect with yourself and spend time with just you.
Exercise gave me that opportunity.

So there you have it.
My 5 things that I hate about working out.
Getting up early to do it–>I remind myself of how great I feel having it done first thing.
Not knowing what to do–>I use at home programs that tell me what to do, how to do it and when.
Not always enjoying it–>I found a workout that fit my needs/wants and remember how good I feel every time I finish a workout.
Didn’t always get me the results I wanted–>I had to mix things up. Try something new and educate myself about nutrition.
It takes time from my day–>I had to change my perspective: exercise wasn’t taking time from my day but giving me my “me” time.


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