let’s not talk about it.

[I know. I know. It’s been more than a hot minute since my last post. I can’t even explain myself. But…I am back. You may be rejoicing or sighing heavily.  I get it.]

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Transformation Tuesday.
Sometimes a transformation is MORE than just a physical change we can capture with a camera.
Usually when one accomplishes that PHYSICAL change, something inside of them changes as well.

For this gal, it’s been an incredible year of change.
She’s the first person I think of when I consider a transformation of mind, body and soul.

She can tell you all the nitty gritty details, but I can tell you what I see as her coach and friend.

1. MIND: After you read about what she has done with her body, you’ll understand why this gal is a fit badass and knows it. Not in a cocky way that we all hate.
She EXUDES confidence.
She knows she has.
She knows she can.
She knows she will.

As she begins to push herself towards her goals with her coaching business, she begins to lead her team. The more she leads, the more she learns, and the more she believes in herself AND her team.
It is truly amazing to see the change she has taken in how she approaches challenges. There is no doubt.
[Or if there is? She pushes that crap down and holds her head up and goes forward, leading with her heart.]

2. BODY: She not only completed several Beachbody programs but also found her love of weight training and competing as well as teaching P90X classes. She is leaner, stronger and more capable than ever.

Her transformation over the past year, physically, has been one that would make most mommas of a few kids fist pump the air as they say “I want that, too!”.
If she can do this? You can, too. She has lots of boys at home and a farm and teaches. Busy is her middle name but she makes it happen. So can you.

3. SOUL: I like to tell people that I put out into the Universe what I want and I fully expect to get it. I call it prayer. And I START my day that way every day. I read my morning devotional. And half the time I share it with others because it reminds me of them.

Heather has started doing the same thing. Morning devotional. Set her intentions for the day.
And it shows.
Soul “work” is something very personal but it doesn’t mean you can’t share it with others.

We talk a lot about personal development on our team.
She doesn’t just talk about it.
She orders the books for her coaches and sends them to them.
Change your mind. Change your actions. Change your soul.

All that to say….
I know there are more than just physical transformations.
And as much as I love seeing pictures of those before/afters, THIS kind of transformation is the most powerful.

I am so proud to call you my friend and fellow coach, Heather.
Keep doing what you are doing.
You inspire many with your words, actions and drive.