What is Shakeology?
More than a protein shake.
More than a meal replacement.
More than an antioxidant drink.
More than a probiotics drink.
It’s the smartest calories you can put in your body.
It’s a nutrition shake….or better yet–
TASTIEST SUPERFOOD PROTEIN SHAKE! (I might have shouted that….)

Here’s the 9 reasons I drink Shakeology.  Why 9? Because it’s my lucky number and that’s all it took to cover why I drink it.
(Disclaimer:  I work for Beachbody, the company that created and makes Shakeology but I don’t have to use it.)
 I drink it for these reasons, not because I work for the company:

1.  It’s easy.  It’s nutrition simplified. 100% whole food ingredients in an easy formula.  I pour almond milk and water into a blender cup. I add a scoop of Shakeology.  I blend it. I drink it.  Doesn’t get easier than that.

2.  It’s good.  It had to taste good for me to use it daily.  I don’t care how awesome it is for me. If it tastes like butt, I’m not drinking it.  Vanilla and chocolate (vegan) are my favorite.  The first time I had the vegan chocolate formula I actually said, “Damn. That’s good.”  Out loud.  To know one.

3.  It makes me feel happy.  I had first used the word good there.  It makes me feel good, but that’s not quite accurate.  It makes me happy.  The superfoods and nutrients it provides help my body and my brain.  And that depression I have battled all my life?  It’s not an issue.  Neither are the side effects I used to get from taking 2 anti-depressants/anxiety meds every day.

4. I haven’t been sick.  Not even a cold.  For real.  Amazing what some good nutrition can do for you.

5.  I’m finally getting the nutrition I need.   The power of nutrition is mind boggling.  We all know it’s important. Heck, I went to school for it and yet, I still wasn’t feeding myself (or my family) the stuff I need.  Now I am.  Not just vitamins and minerals. Probiotics. Prebiotics. Super foods (more on those in a minute).

6.  I need superfoods.  I had never heard of the term superfoods before Shakeology.   Do they wear little capes and fly around?  I watched this video from the creator, Darin Olein, and learned more about them.  Um, yes please.  I’d like that real food that gives me energy, curbs my cravings, helps me cope with stress, on and on.

7.  It doesn’t have crap in it.  No artificial flavors or sweeteners. No soy.  No crap.  Real foods.

8.  It saves me money.  No more multivitamins. No trips to the doctor and over-the-counter cold medicines.  No prescription anti-depressants.  No need to buy junk because I no longer crave it.

9.  It is simple.  No chopping. No cooking. No shopping. No recipe.  It comes to my house every month via auto ship.

If you are curious about how to order or how much it costs or why it costs so much–please message me!  Let’s talk before you order or decide “heck no!”.

Watch this pretty darn funny video about the ingredients in Shakeology:



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